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The Finger - David Wilhelm - Keyring

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The Finger - David Wilhelm - Keyring Black Background Image
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Item Number: KC8844


I love to create I just cant stop its therapeutic. I want to be able to build pieces that are constantly changing whether its a different lighting source or the way that the sunlight can hit them and make them come alive. When you walk by my work the angle of your eye in relation to what ever light source is in the room will allow you to see allot of movement and completely look different from any angle.

I never really make any two pieces alike or twice, it's one of my biggest motivations in art to keep pushing original concepts and ideas. I do see my self starting to do series of ten or so pieces but all original but compliment each other well.

I have been light painting for around 10 years and I personally stumbled upon it when I was lighting a cigarette and saw the streak stay in the shot when I had my shutter open for three seconds... Right then I had my moment when it just made since.. So I started searching to see if there were others that were using this as a medium and I came across Eric Staller and saw a shot of Pablo Picasso drawing his bull with a little stick on fire and realized that people have been doing this technique for many years but until digital photography came around it was very very difficult to be able to make adjustments and get consistent shots and scenes. I have huge respect for Eric Staller and the other pioneers of light painting and to see Pablo Picasso drawing his bull just Blew my mind. So I feel I have came along way in doing my part to progress the technique and I hope one day that its just considered its own medium..... Lights are paint brushes and every shutter click is a new canvas.

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